Always Improving

Photo of a painting by Mike Monterio

I’m not sure when, but at some point in my childhood I was filled with a sense of constant improvement. I preach this method to each and every client, day in and day out. We have countless stories of starting out slow and stumbling occasionally, but the end goal is always improvement.

I’m currently reading a book titled Implementing Value Pricing. It’s not the most sultry book I’ve ever read, but it is very interesting to me. It explores the methods in which people price things, specifically how agencies price things. In it, the author points out how typical agencies price on costs, or hourly, completely ignoring the value they create for their customers.


When anybody brings up the idea of implementing value pricing in an agency, they are shot down by their peers. “You can’t command double the price of our competitors!” That’s the point though, we can. I have won many jobs where our price was double that of our closest competitor. Thinking that you can’t charge more than your competitors means that you don’t think you bring more value than they do. I know that the work I do adds value to my clients. I have seen clients double their online sales immediately after a project.

We need to get away from the mindset that things must remain as they are, and instead take chances, with the goal of making better mistakes tomorrow.

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