The Last Check

Yesterday, my wife took the last check payable to MJ Media, LLC to the bank.

It’s significant, but not somber.

In 2004 the web was different, and I think that Josh would agree that we didn’t know anything about it. We didn’t know business, clients, marketing, or how to develop solutions. Be we decided to try, and created a company.

We did as best as we could, both with full-time jobs and schooling that we were unable to drop. In 2007 I landed our first big one. I quit my job working with my dad, and devoted much of my time to this one project.

That project went sour, half because of an unresponsive client, and half because of my inability to run a successful project. Before it was done, I was forced to pick up another full time job and racked up a good chunk of credit card debt. It was the most valuable tuition I ever paid.

Following that, Josh moved on. I thought it would be a good motivation to build my own thing, and take risks knowing that nobody else could be harmed if something failed. In the end though, I was still just putzing along while working the full-time gig.

Shortly thereafter I was contacted by my current boss. He was interested in having me join his company, but couldn’t have me freelancing at the same time. After seeking tons of advice, I came to the conclusion that working at an agency could really help me to better understand clients, process, and quality assurance.

It was decided that MJ Media would close their doors. I sent out the last of my invoices, followed up with a few clients that I had let slide (for more than a year in some cases).

As of yesterday, my “Who Owes You” column is empty. I’ll have to file taxes this year and next, but MJ Media is now officially dormant.

Maybe I was wrong, it is somber, and it really isn’t that significant.


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